Best Easy Ways to Make Money Online As Passive Income In India

The concept of passive income is not so popular in normal people. But among who know it’s effectiveness, they utilize it and is the best easy ways to make money online as passive income in India. There would be many reason for one person for not to utilize the passive income opportunity online such as the fear of trusting the online income opportunity or they don’t really tried it yet and hence they are hesitating to try the passive income opportunities.

But, on the other way, passive income is the main success secret of many people who are financially happy and stable. They don’t depend on one income and they are ready to learn new things and accept new challenges that would help them to generate a new way of income and that’s the reason they are super rich today and not affected by the unexpected storms in life. They never miss a single opportunity where they can earn a single amount of money, they care about how much they earned. Because they know the value of time and the money.

Here, we are discussing about few the passive income opportunities that any one can do from anywhere, if you have access to a Laptop/Android/Mobile and the internet and the rewards are assured. It doesn’t matter where you are, you can do it from anywhere, whether you are travelling or sitting in a park or waiting for someone etc. What you need to do is just get started! Shall we!

Here we go!

Rakuten is the best legit trustable passive income online site to earn a good amount of money, can say like up to thousands, though it’s not huge. It is sure that you will be able to meet your basic requirements.

Compared to other sites, Rakuten has only survey options. They give points as rewards. Rakuten’s 1 point is equal to INR 1/-.

You can withdraw your reward in 3 ways: through Paytm, Amazon Gift card and Flipkart Gift card.

There are different withdrawal options:

  • INR 100 (100 points)
  • INR 200 (200 points)
  • INR 300 (300 points)
  • INR 400 (400 points)
  • INR 500 (500 points)
  • INR 900+100 Bonus (900 points)
  • INR 1,800+200 points)

To withdraw by Paytm, you need to choose the amount (points) and submit and complete the OTP verification process (will come in the e-mail) and in the end, you will get an e-mail that, your payment will get processed on so and so date and exactly on that date you will get the payment. And, you get the reward (as Promocode) you need to copy the promocode and redeem it in the Paytm wallet and most of the times your payment will reflect in the wallet in less than 30 mins (though they say within few working days). That’s it!

Crownit is a most trusted online research and survey partner and customized market research for actionable insights. As soon as you are registered with Crownit, you will get survey requests and once you are successfully completing it, you will get the amount in your linked Paytm account. Other than surveys, they give many more opportunities to earn from Crownit such as updating your bills (as per their required product bills such as utility bills, proteins food products purchase bills, etc)

Right now they have an offer like getting 50 friends in the next 7 days and you will get INR 500 and an assured INR 100 as a bonus. Other than this they offer surveys that will reward you around a maximum of INR 350 per survey!

If you are interested, you can Sign-Up using the referral code: crownvha0

Indiaspeaks is an India based survey site where you will get survey requests online as well as through SMS in the registered mobile. When you successfully complete the surveys, after their verification, you will get paid to your registered Paytm number automatically. You will be able to complete a survey successfully when their requirement matches with their client requirement. So, it cannot be say that you will get paid from all the surveys you get. But, if you are successfully completed the survey, you will get your money. How much you will earn will depends on their client requirement. You can give a try!

As e all know, Google Pay is a digital wallet platform and online payment system developed by Google to power in-app, online, and in-person contactless purchases. Since it comes with contactless purchase, it is widely used in small scale and large scale businesses.

Now, let’s come to the point. Here comes the earning opportunity through GPay/Google Pay:

  1. Make a transaction through Gpay/Google Pay and you will get a scratch card and you will get a small amount as reward from Google and sometimes reward comes in the form of points or as Promocodes and you can use these promocodes in your next online purchase.
  2. Refer your friends! This is another way of earning passive income. Once you are registered with GPay/Google Pay, you will be able to see the referral link and the referral code and you can share those links with your friends and connections and once they make their 1st payment, you will get INR 175 and they will get INR 21! Amazing right!

If you are interested you can Sign-Up using the referral code: U914t

AJIO is an India based online shopping portal where you can shop the latest fashion in apparels brands in India at a best price! They always introduce the latest trends in the market as per the trend.

Now, let’s come to the point. Other than the amazing products, AJIO offers a very good earning opportunities for their valuable customers. For that what you need to do is, as soon as you join AJIO, you will receive a unique referral code. It can be done from Android App or Website.

What you need to do is, share this code with your friends who are not registered with AJIO earlier and as soon as they register with your code on it, your friend gets INR 100 AJIO Points once he/she registers on AJIO using your referral code. Once your friend places an order, you get INR 100 AJIO Points when the return period for your friend’s order is over.

In AJIO, you can earn a maximum of 1500 points over a period of 30 days. However, these limits are subjected to change and solely depends on the discretion of AJIO. You can use these points on your next purchase with AJIO.

If you are interested you can Sign-Up using the referral code: AMLJ8BF9H

EarnKaro is an online affiliate program and is very suitable for women who wants to earn an extra money in their free time. In EarnKaro many online shopping platforms are involved such as Ajio, Myntra, Flipkart etc. What you need to do is, share those products with your connections and when they purchase it, you get a profit.

Please do check EarnKaro website for more details and how to share this! To do this, you only need and android with internet connection and a little bit of your time. So, if you are somewhere sitting bored, don’t worry, get your mobile and start doing your work! You are busy now!

TimesPoints is an online portal which is part of Times Of India. In this portal, there are multiple earning opportunities such as reading articles, post a comments etc where you can earn points and later when you reach the eligibility limit, you can do online shopping with those points which means you can shop online with a lesser amount and the remaining is paid in the form of your earned TimesPoints points. This can be considered as a passive income. Whenever you are free, come to this site, start earning rewards and one day use it an do an online shopping of your favorite products. 

If you are interested you can Sign-Up using the referral code: M5U3HLA

YouGov is a site where you will be doing surveys and earn points and when you reach the point limit, you can either withdraw the money through Paytm or you can donate the amount to the given organization.

We get surveys depending on the profile that we update. Nowadays they sent survey links through the registered email address and once you complete the survey successfully you are will get the rewarded points.

When you accumulate 5,000 points YouGov will send you INR 3,600 to Paytm.


It is always good to have a 2nd income. A stable income or a multiple income channel gives a sort of confidence in our life and that confidence keeps our mind positive and help you to stay healthy- physically and mentally and achieve more goals in your life. So, utilize these opportunities and start earning.

Wish you good luck! 

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