Top 15 Successful Referral Programs That Pays Huge & Passive Income Money Making Opportunity Online

Looking for a passive income opportunity? There are so many passive income opportunities in this World and today, majority of the people are looking out for a passive income opportunity or it can be also called as a second income which means and income which is other than a regular stable income such as a salaried job. Because, today, a single source of income is not sufficient. 

Hence people are keep searching for a job or an earning opportunity that give them a freedom to earn as much as money they want so that they can have a financial freedom that they might not enjoy with a single earning opportunity. 

Here, we are talking about unlimited earning opportunity online. There are different types of earning opportunities today such as doing surveys and sharing your opinions (you can read more about the 10 Best Survey Sites where you can earn money and gift cards and the mentioned survey sites are in the market from many years too) and another one is through Referral programs.

Do you have an idea about referral programs? It is simple as this. A company is having a product. They are already selling it in the 

market through various ways, like we all know, through shops, online etc. And, they also accept people who will promote their product for them and they will give you a certain amount as a commission for each sale.

How we will be able to promote their product? We need to apply/register for their referral programs and once they accept your request, you are getting a unique referral link, just for you. You need to share your links in various platforms and  once the company get a successful lead, you will get your commission and just imagine about many people are joining with your link? How much is your income? This is just a glimpse. And the opportunities are vast!

Shared below are the lists of websites that will pay you good money as incentive for your referral links. If you see the links the purpose of the sites would be different and you can utilise it as per your need. But here, we clearely directing you to their referral programs. 

Let’s begin!

1. PayPal

PayPal is one of the largest online payment processors in the world that helps you make and receive international transactions whether it is business related or as an individual. Setting up the account is so easy and to get a payment what you need to share is only your registered e-mail address. It is as simple as that.

How does PayPal’s Referral Program works?

To participate in this referral program, first you need to sign-up with PayPal and you will get your unique referral link from PayPal and you will share this link to people. They need to sign-up and you will get up to $50 per referral! The person who signing up also need to link their card/bank account and the process should be completed and also active transactions needs to be happen.

2. Dreamhost

Dreamhost is a digital service provider who support us with extensive tools, including useful website-building software, security options, a generous money-back guarantee, and unlimited storage, monthly data transfers, domains, and e-mail. Not only that, DreamHost is a top pick and a PCMag Editors’ Choice for cloud-based web hosting services.

How does Dreamhost Referral Program works?

In Dreamhost, you will see the payout within the 97 days of them signing up. DreamHost has no limits on how much you can make. Just last year they had some top earners make over $9,000 in affiliate payouts. They payout any approved commissions through PayPal once a month.

3. Bluehost

Bluehost is one of the 20 largest web hosts service provider, collectively hosting well over 2 million domains. Bluehost is used for hosting sites online, and for purchasing domain names. They have a brilliant team to support their esteemed customers.

How does Bluehost Referral Program works?

Bluehost will give you a dedicated referral link when you join their program. This link is unique to each person. You need to strategically place this link on your website or blog in the form of link or banners or wherever you are planning to. Every time users click on this link, they are redirected to the Bluehost website and they need to successfully sign-up so that you get your commission. Bluehost’s commissions starting at $65 for each qualified hosting plan purchase. Best of all, there’s no cap on how much you can earn.

4. Namecheap

Namecheap is a leading ICANN Accredited Domain Registrar, serving over 2 million customers with over 13 million domains worldwide. Whether you are just a beginner or a PRO, Namecheap are the best Domain and Hosting service provider with the best affordable prices and they have the best support team too.

How does Namecheap Referral Program works?

You earn commission every time a new customer makes their first purchase with Namecheap after clicking your link. Here in Namecheap, their referral programs are happening through 3 providers namely: Impact Radius, Commission Junction and ShareASale. You need to signup in any of these and as soon as you are accepted, you can start making money. They offer commission in percentage such as:

– Domains (registrations/transfers): 20%
– Hosting Packages (Stellar, Reseller, VPS and Dedicated Servers plans): 35%
– SSL Certificates: 35%
– Private Email: 20%
– PremiumDNS: 20%
– Apps 0%
– Marketplace and Premium Domains: 0%

You can withdraw your commission through the payment method that is supported by the above mentioned 3 providers.

5. Hostgator

Hostgator is a web hosting provider that provides services for hosting websites and blogs online and Hostgator is used for purchasing domain names online.

How does Hostgator Referral Program works?

When your friend receives your referral link, it will direct them to the following sign-up page, where they will automatically receive 25% off their hosting at sign-up!

6. WPX

WPX offers the fastest managed WordPress hosting, free high-speed CDN, and SSLS. 24/7 lightning-fast support.

How does WPX Referral Program works?

WPX Hosting provides the best referral system to its users by offering up to $100 per referral and allows you to withdraw your commission within 35 days. Moreover, there is no limit to the commission you can earn.

7. Fiverr

Fiverr is a freelancing platform where people can sell their skills to people who are located around the globe and get paid for their skills and vice versa. The categories are many such as Graphics Designing, Virtual support, Customer support, Data entry, Programming and the opportunities are unlimited.

How does Fiverr Referral Program works?

With the Fiverr Referral program, you can earn rewards for yourself and your friends. Your friend signs up to Fiverr & gets 20% off their first purchase; you get credited with 20% of their first order amount, up to $100.

Leads, Leads, Leads!

8. Google Workspace

In a simple way, Google Workspace is a platform where a person or a professional can perform their tasks remotely through their laptop or desktop siting anywhere in the world and connect and work with their team virtually. The Google Workspace comprises Gmail, chat, meet, calendar, drive for storage, docs, sheets, slides, forms, and sites for collaboration. Also have an admin panel and vault for managing users and the services.

How does Google Workspace Referral Program works?

You earn a one time reward for every new user that you refer, up to 100 users per referred account and up to 200 users per year. The reward amount depends on the edition of Google Workspace that the user selects, as listed in the commission table.

Image credit: Google Workspace

9. Payeer

Payeer is a one stop platform for BTC, LTC, ETH, DASH, BCH, USD, EUR, RUB wallet at one app on your smartphone. Exchange Fiat and Cryptocurrencies on Trade Platform or Convert automatically, Fund up your account or Withdraw money to VISA, MasterCard, and make payments worldwide.

How does Payeer Referral Program works?

Promote your personal Payeer link online and get up to 25% of the revenue from their fees! You can withdraw funds instantly using a variety of methods.

10. Payoneer

Payoneer is a merchant services provider that will allow you to send and receive payments without having to worry about maintaining a merchant account. This makes it a rather unique payment platform, akin to something like a PayPal or Venmo rather than a Square or Stripe.

Payoneer’s cross-border payments platform empower businesses, online sellers and freelancers to grow their global commerce. More than 4 million customers, trust Payoneer to receive and manage their international payments.

How does Payoneer Referral Program works?

When your friends receive your referral link and click on it, they will be redirected to the Payoneer sign up page. Once they have signed up and received at least $1000* in payments to their card or account, you have successfully generated a referral. Both you and your friend will receive your rewards within three months. Rewards are generally $25 for you and for your friend, but amounts may vary.

11. BigRock

BigRock is an ICANN accredited leading provider of web-presence solutions to small-businesses, professionals and individuals. We provide our clients a complete suite of products that help them establish & grow their online presence.

How does BigRock Referral Program works?

Help get your friends Online with BigRock. Ask them to use your domain name as a coupon code. They get a cool 25% OFF and your domain renews for FREE when you refer 3 new friends!

12. Krisp

Krisp is an AI-based noise cancellation. Krisp remove unwanted noise from both ends of a conference call. It gives full support for any headset, microphone and speaker. It has HD Voice, for the best voice quality. Allows room echo removal.

How does Krisp Referral Program works?

Krisp gives sign-up in under 60 seconds. It has the highest conversion rates, extra generous 90-day cookie life, highest quality solution in the market, real-time reporting, regular performance incentives, World-class referral support, and Library of branded creative materials are given by Krisp. Krisp offers flat $40 for Pro Plan Purchase! Awesome!

13. GreenGeeks

GreenGeeks hosting is for beginners as well as professionals. Shared hosting starts at $2.45/mo and allows you to add more resources like RAM and CPU on a pay-as-you-go model. Moving up from one tier to another or even from Shared to VPS or Dedicated is possible and of course easy.

How does GreenGeeks Referral Program works?

Greengeeks offer awesome referral plans. Here, you can earn up to $100 per qualifying signup! When you send more referrals, you’ll earn more per sale!

Number of Signup requirements per month and earning:
– 1 sale ………. $50 /sale
– 2 sales ……….. $60 /sale
– 3 sales ………. $70 /sale
– 4 sales ………. $80 /sale
– 5 sales ………. $90 /sale
– 6+ sales ………. $100 /sale
– 10+ sales ………. Custom Rate. Contact GreenGeeks for more details of custom rates.

If you were to send GreenGeeks 1 referral a day in a given month, you would earn a whopping $3,000 payout!

14. NordVPN

NordVPN is the most popular premium VPN service on the market. This Panama-based VPN offers a combination of fast speed, military-grade encryption, and an independently-audited no-logs policy. NordVPN is a great tool for torrenting and streaming on Netflix, Hulu and other popular platforms.

How does NordVPN Referral Program works?

NordVPN has a highest conversion rate because their trusted brand & effective promo material means the traffic you send to NordVPN will convert! NordVPN offer one of the highest commissions in the VPN market. Also they offer a Lifetime revenue share!

Their referral offers are shared below:

1 month offer:
– New sign-up: 100%
– Renewal: 30%

6 month offer:
– New sign-up: 40%
– Renewal: 30%

1 year offer:
– New sign-up: 40%
– Renewal: 30%

2 year offer:
– New sign-up: 40%
– Renewal: 30%

15. Aweber

Aweber is an email marketing app that allows you to create a mailing list and capture data onto it. You can design newsletters that can be sent to the subscribers on your list. Also, you can automate your email marketing via use of ‘auto responders’ view and analyze statistics related to your email marketing campaigns.

How does Aweber Referral Program works?

When they order an AWeber account, that referral information is submitted automatically with their order, and you earn a 30% referral payment on that sale. Your referral payments are recurring for the entire time the customer account remains open. As long as they have their account, you earn referral payments for it!


As a conclusion I can say that, referral programs are the best way of passive in come that will generate you income even when you are asleep or even if you are sitting doing nothing for some time. If you share those referral links and understand it’s magical power of generating income, and the financial freedom you are going to achieve, you are never going to leave this opportunity! Just grab it and enjoy your financial freedom from RIGHT NOW! Wish you good luck!

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