Rakuten Insight | The Best Legit Passive Income Opportunity in India

Rakuten Insight is a survey site that is located in the Philippines. The registration on the site is open to resident of India and you must be 16 years or older to join the site.

For Indians, this is the most legit and trustable site to earn a good amount of money, though it’s not huge.

Comparing to other sites, Rakuten has only survey options. They give points as rewards. Rakuten’s 1 point is equal to INR 1/-.

You can withdraw your reward in 3 ways: through Paytm, Amazon Giftcard and Flipkart Giftcard.

There are different withdrawal options:

  • INR 100 (100 points)
  • INR 200 (200 points)
  • INR 300 (300 points)
  • INR 400 (400 points)
  • INR 500 (500 points)
  • INR 900+100 Bonus (900 points)
  • INR 1,800+200 points)

To withdraw by Paytm, you need to choose the amount (points) and submit and complete the OTP verification process (will come in the e-mail) and in the end, you will get an e-mail that, your payment will get processed on so and so date and exactly on that date you will get the payment. And, you get the reward (as Promocode) you need to copy the promocode and redeem it in the Paytm wallet and most of the times your payment will reflect in the wallet in less than 30 mins (though they say within few working days). That’s it!

Pros and Cons


  • We get surveys almost everyday
  • Now they have changed their procedures and if you have received a survey request and you were not allowed to complete the survey due to client requirement do not match with your profile, however, you will get 2 points.
  • Sometimes you get samples from the companies such as Lakme, Oreo, Kitkat etc. Once you get the product, you need to use it as per the instruction and after few days you will get another follow-up survey and you need give your thoughts there and then also you will get another points which is awesome.
  • Their payment is perfect. They pay bi-weekly. On each payment process, you will get notifications.


  • You won’t get plenty of surveys, it is limited.
  • They don’t offer referral programs at present, it should have provided.
  • No other major cons.


As a summary, I would say Rakuten Insight is a very good dependable site where you will get your money on time in the said date. Though you may not earn a lot from Rakuten, you can meet your basic needs with this amount. The only thing to keep in mind is, keep your profile in Rakuten up to date, only then you will receive relevant survey requests.

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